About project

The Fund for Organic Farming with the support of EU and FPWC is implementing the project ” Reduction of poverty in Urtsadzor community cluster by developing (self) employment opportunities”. Urtsadzor community cluster includes Urtsadzor, Lanjanist and Shaghap communities in Ararat region; the project has beneficiaries in Lusashogh community as well.

The Fund has an innovative purveyance point for rural products, where such products likes herbs, fruits and honey offered by Urtsadzor community cluster’s households are collected, processed and packaged.

The practical part of this project was preceded by trainings and workshops, during which the locals were provided by necessary knowledge on business project development and implementation.

More than 100 representatives of the target group of the community cluster gained a complete understanding on organic agriculture, eco and agro-tourism, as well as got necessary skills of English language and computer skills.

We aim to register a long-term economic growth in the community cluster within the framework of the project with the business projects presented by the locals, encouraging the creation and development of housekeeping. Two eco-festivals are planned to be organized within the framework of the project, which will become a platform for the locals to represent their products and services promoting the development of tourism as well.


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